GIFs: Week February 29

Hi hi, welcome to the first of many posts to come (I hope) about the top five GIFs shared each week… or at least the five that caught my attention, or made me laugh, or they’re about something really important that is happening in the world and you need to learn about it. But mostly the first three. Enjoy.


5. House of Cards!!!!


Ok, this may not be the most shared GIF of this week, but who is not super excited about binge-watching our favourite devious villain? The thirteen episodes of season four are available now on Netflix.

4. Britneyface




Britneyface. Period.

3. Leo & Kate



The world’s most lovable not-couple keeps proving to us that real friendships between a heterosexual man and a heterosexual woman do exist. Both have been nominated more than four times, and now each has an Oscar! If you haven’t seen The Revenant, this (along with Iñárritu’s win for directing and Lubezki’s for cinematography) is a pretty good excuse to spend two and a half hours at the cinema.

2. StarThought



This is a good reminder that the mind is our most powerful tool, more immense than the thousands of stars above us. At the same time, we need to remember we are so small when we look at the bigger picture.


1. Trump the Nazi

DTrumpNaziIf you are one of those people that support Trump, take a look at this. And then please leave my blog. Yes, his political attitude resembles that of the Nazi guy with the Chaplin moustache, and yes, people are dumb or evil enough to want to repeat the same mistakes. If you still think this is an exaggeration, just take a look at this experiment with Hitler quotes and Trump supporters, or at this article about the rise of American Authoritarianism. I have a (bad) feeling this won’t be the last Trump GIF we will be seeing. In the meantime, cheer up and trump Donald.





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