GIFs: Week March 7

Second week, second post. Lots of things happened, check ’em out!

5. George Martin died

georgemartin.gifI know when you see the name George Martin and the verb ‘died’ you automatically think it’s about a character from Game of Thrones, but this is not. Sir George Martin, who was known as the “Fifth Beatle”, passed away peacefully in his sleep last Tuesday. He got his nickname due to his involvement in all of the Beatles’ albums, he was the producer and arranger, even sometimes composer. In addition to that, he contributed to three James Bond theme songs. Ringo Starr announced his death with the following tweet: “God bless George Martin peace and love to Judy and his family love Ringo and Barbara George will be missed xxx”.


4. Spiderman-Avenger!

avengers.gifPraise the lord! Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios finally reached a licensing agreement last year, and now we get to see Spidey next to our favourite team (well not much of a team is it?) of superheroes. In an ideal world, we would get to see all of the Marvel characters from the comics in the same movie at some point, but their rights for the screen are divided in three: Sony Studios owns Spiderman and Ghost Rider; Fox has The X-Men, Daredevil, and the Fantastic Four; and Marvel Studios/Disney owns all the rest. Fans like me still hope someday they will all be together, like in the next awesome GIF.spidermanDDdeadpool.gif







3. Cat






We all love cats, right?






2. Size of lense explained


Did you ever wondered how the different sizes of lenses affect the same picture? Well if you have, here is your answer.

1. Game of Thrones season 6 trailer IS HEREkhaleesi.gif

Yes, that time of the year is almost here, and everyone knows it. 30 million people watched the trailer in less than 24 hours, breaking HBO’s record. We can see Jon Snow looking deader than dead, let’s hope we don’t get used to that, Melissandre getting undressed – already used to that, and a hopeless Khaleesi captured by the Dothraki army. For the first time, the series are ahead of the books and you bet we can expect lots of surprises and deaths. Season 6 premieres April 24. #CountingTheDays

P.S. mini spoiler: you can see Sean Bean’s character (Ned Stark) drawing his sword prepared to fight, so maybe we will finally get our flashback scene to the Battle of Joy, where we all know who is waiting with a baby…


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