GIFs: Week March 14

5. Classic Pulp Fiction


Hurry up to theatres to catch Tarantino’s latest movie The Hateful Eight!

Or, do you look like a bitch?

4. Soothing GIFs

Can’t stop watching.

3. and 2. Trump rally cancelledtrump.gif

 Last Friday, Trump finally got a taste of what is coming to him. During his rally at the University of Illinois in Chicago (base of Trump International Hotel and Tower), his supporters encountered a massive block consisting of student body. It all started when he announced he would be rallying in that college, which has a very diverse student body (Hispanics and Muslims, targets of Trump’s campaign, to name a few). Read more about what happened here. #SHUTITDOWN
pumptrump.gifThe United States national symbol biting at this man, could this symbolism be any clearer? If you want to read more about people against Trump, check out the open letter Brandon Stanton sent to the candidate. Stanton is the human behind the Humans of New York project, and while he had been trying to stay out of politics, he feels opposing Trump is a matter of moral.

1. Ankara bombings

ankara.gif The beautiful capital of Turkey was bombed the past 13th of March. An ankara citizen called James Taylor urges people to empathise with the victims, the way we did with Paris, or Charlie Hebdo. The thing is, we live in a world where the media is predominantly westernised. Can we expect a Facebook filter with the Turkish flag? Taylor goes on to compare the place of the bombings with Piccadilly Circus in London. Read more about the story here.


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