GIRLS: Top GIFs from Season 5

As season 5 comes to an end, I thought we should take a moment to review this season’s best GIFs.


girls gif 3

Breaking the first rule of friendship, Jessa started to encourage Adam’s flirting. It was nice to see them spending a chilled day at a fair though.


4. and 3.

girls gif 4girls gif 2


At the end of last season, we all thought Hannah’s decision to choose Fran over Adam, as well as her teaching job, meant she was ready to finally grow up. We were wrong. She’s back and worse than ever. Is there any way we can hate Hannah more? I honestly think that is Lena Dunham’s main objective, show us a character that maybe presents childish features we might also own deep inside, thereby making us hate Hannah by being that constant reminder of what we sometimes want to do, but can’t.



girls gif 5Seriously though. Seriously?! Let’s start with the fact that the actor (Christopher Abbott) allegedly got into a fight with Dunham and that is why he left the show dramatically (breaking up offscreen and all). I was certainly confused with his departure, but enjoyed big time his surprise return. But it was too good to be true. Turns out he’s a heroin addict now and a compulsive liar, so we are not even sure his father died. Anyway, loved that the whole episode was centred on Marnie, like that episode in season 2 were it was just Hannah and Patrick Wilson. Best thing: the homage to Panic in Needle Park (1971)


girls gif extra 2


Shoshanna having a mental breakdown at JFK Airport? We all know she fitted so well in Japan, but we need her so badly in NYC. ❤girls gif extra 3girls gif extra



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