Lights On #UltraSA2016


Yes, I know it is a little late for this review to see the light. It was meant for UCT Radio‘s website, but it seems they forgot about it (or maybe they just didn’t like it). Anyways…


For a third consecutive year, the Ultra Music Festival came to South Africa, and this time for a two-city, two-day, and two-stage explosion of electronic pop music. Purple hazes and blue ribbons filled the grounds of the Cape Town Ostrich Ranch this past Saturday and Sunday, much to the pleasure of the attendees and baffling of the resident ostriches.

ostrich ultra


Lots of enthusiasts were excited to finally get a camping option for this type of festival, and although the parking could have been organised better, no one arrived late to see their favourite headliners for the day. South Africans, Germans, and even Brazilians were proudly waving their flags ready to see Afrojack or Skrillex for the first time in The Mother City. While subsisting the powerful sun and meticulous dust, everyone found themselves dancing uncontrollably to the same songs that varied from DJ to DJ, from one remix to another, and the mind-blowing starshot spectacle of lights and visuals.


The smaller stage served as the perfect House catapult early in the day for people who just needed a little push to dive into the festival. On Sunday it was perfect for recovering from last night, with mellow sounds from Ian Skene or Matt Blitz. Later on though, Black Coffee took things up to full level as Sunday was coming to its end.

It’s interesting to notice which songs get repeated the most, like “Can’t Feel My Face” from The Weeknd or “Lean On” from Major Lazer, and listen to that unique twist each DJ adjoins, but definitely the best sounds come from their own songs, and Skrillex wasn’t the exception. Basically the stage exploded from 00:30 to 2:00 am when he shot his hardcore beats at us.


But aside form the music; Ultra Music Festival is a good excuse to make new friends. On Saturday night after the last DJ is finished for the day, you will find in the camping area a diverse range of characters who are just not willing to go sleep just yet, eager to share their own stories. But be careful, you may not be able to sleep well after 8 am when your tent starts to heat up; so maybe bringing a canopy is not a bad idea if you’re a nocturnal person. All we can do for now is just wait for the surprises next year Ultra is going to have.



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