‘Looking’ movie finally gets a premiere date

After months of leaving us wondering, HBO finally announced yesterday that the wrap-up movie will air Saturday July 23. Apparently, Patrick left San Francisco for a year and decides to come back and tie some loose ends. A bold move from the writers, but considering the alternative, I think they will do a good job and give us closure.

patrick looking

The show was cancelled last year after two seasons of poor ratings. The last episode featured a fight between Patrick and Kevin due to the latter having Grindr and wanting an open relationship. Also, Malik (Doris’s boyfriend) encourages Dom to fix his relationship with her. And Agustin… well, no one cares about Agustin. #sorrynotsorry

looking best

Are you #TeamKevin or #TeamRichie?

Kevin looking

richie looking

Me? I’m #TeamKevin all the way, Patrick should stop being a drama queen and just chill. Ok, I’m lying, just because I have a picture with Russell Tovey.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.04.54

But one thing is true, Richie should start dating Agustin because they’re both annoying. Also, Damian from Mean Girls deserves better, like Aaron Samuels who recently came out.

eddie looking

If you can’t wait for the movie to come out, have a look at some of Doris’s best scenes in the show because I couldn’t find any other character’s scenes we love her so much.



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